daniel smith

Hi there! Nice to meet you, I’m Dan.


I’ve been writing for as long I can remember, drawing first and adding stories to them; building worlds and places for my characters to belong in, but that wasn’t enough. As an avid SFF reader, that consumes way more books than I have shelf-space for, I thought it was time I turn my hand to being a novelist. 


I wrote my first novel a few years ago, that has yet to see the light of day (nor ever will), and found that writing is in my blood, my passion, so I’ve stuck to it. Ever since, I’ve been tinkering away with short stories and a few novels that I’m proud of, determined to find one an agent, then a home.


In the real world, I work as a Datafeed Rep in Cambridgeshire, UK. My short story, and first published work, HONOUR’S PRIDE, is available now (Black Hare Press, January 2020). I also am a reviewer of SFF books on FanFiAddict.com  


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